Our pharmacist is a trained medication expert who works with your physician to ensure the safe and appropriate use of medications to improve your health.  You may access our pharmacist for:

  • Individual medication reviews – Prescription and non-prescription medications are reviewed to determine if they are safe and effective.  You may also ask how/when to take each medication and how to manage side effects.
  • Managing your medication list – If you’ve recently been in the hospital or had many changes made to your medications then you can review these with our pharmacist and obtain an up-to-date list that you can keep.
  • Polypharmacy – Taking too many medications? Our pharmacist can review your medications to see if there are ways to simplify your regimen. Also, if you are taking unnecessary or potentially harmful medications then our pharmacist can help work with you to wean off them safely.

Chronic pain is defined as having pain ongoing for more than 3 months, although some health care professionals say its ongoing for 6 months or more.

This program is for patients that take the blood thinner warfarin (Coumadin®).  Our pharmacist and registered nurses monitor patients’ INR blood test results and adjust patients’ warfarin doses accordingly.  Education on the safe and proper use of this medication including the various factors that can affect how it works is available on a one-on-one basis with our pharmacist.

Learn how to change your relationship with food, by learning how to change your craving for food.

This program involves an annual review of all patients with type 2 diabetes.  During the visit, a comprehensive overview of each patient’s diabetes management will be conducted by one of our registered nurses, our dietitian or our pharmacist.  This includes a review of the patient’s vitals and lab results, preventative care items, including vaccinations, eye exam, and foot exam, as well as education on the complications of diabetes and healthy lifestyle choices.  If a patient is struggling with diabetes self-management or has other issues that may impact their ability to manage their diabetes then the visit is used as an opportunity to coordinate follow-up with their family physician, one of our Interdisciplinary Health Professionals or the Diabetes Education Program, whichever is appropriate.

The smoking cessation program is available to those who wish to quit smoking, but require some help to do so.  Smoking Cession is for anyone who wants to quit smoking.  Patient counseling with trained professionals in conjunction with a variety of smoking cessation products, such a gum, inhalers, patches and lozenges, will increase your chances of success. These items can be provided at no charge to you. 

Contact Donna at ELFHT to book and appointment for more information. 

This program is for those who have experienced a cardiac event or have cardiac conditions,  including but not limited to heart attack, cardiomegaly, stent placement, mitral valve replacement, bypass surgery, or coronary artery disease.  Classes involve supervised exercise at the Renaissance Seniors Centre, as well as educational components about living a heart healthy lifestyle.   Patients are generally told by their physicians that a cardiac rehabilitation program may be of benefit to them upon discharge from hospital, but they are also able to self refer and be assessed to see if they qualify.  Classes are twice weekly, for 16 sessions.   

Call Donna at ELFHT to book an appointment for more information.

Pap tests can find abnormal cells on the cervix. Treating these cells early can stop cancer from developing.

System navigators are care providers responsible for helping clients identify their service/health goals, drawing up a collaborative care plan and provide referrals.  It is a time limited service with a defined beginning and a plan for transition at the end.

Colorectal cancer is the second most deadly form of cancer among men and women. If detected early, it is highly treatable.

This is a FREE exercise program given twice a week for 12 weeks.  The program is designed to reduce the clients risk of falling by increasing the clients strength and balance. Also to reduce risky behaviours associated with falls and to create a safe home environment.  The program is offered in the spring, fall and winter.

Call Donna at ELFHT to book and appointment for more information.

Breast cancer is one of the most widespread cancers and by doing a mammogram, eligible women can detect this form of cancer in its early stages and receive treatment.